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» Earn 60% Per Sale Through ClickBank®

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» You Can Feel Good About Promoting It

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However please before you start promoting, I only have one, simple request: Please don't "spam" people.

Examples include:

  • Sending mass e-mails to people that did not specifically agree to you sending them messages (e.g. subscribing to your newsletter). This includes e-mail addresses that you bought from someone else. You must have specific permission from them for you to contact them. Your ISP will ask for details of when and how they gave their permission (their IP address, when they subscribed, which site they subscribed from).

  • Posting on forums, if their terms and conditions state no affiliate links

  • Posting comments on people's blogs that have nothing to do with the message posted

  • Posting multiple messages on social networking sites, such as MySpace and FaceBook

  • Using software to post on forums, blogs or social networking sites in bulk. e.g. software that promises to post to 1,000s of pages with one click.

In any of these cases, at the very least you will get your ClickBank account cancelled, and lose any money you had earned. ClickBank are very pro-active in shutting down people that are Spamming, or otherwise annoying people. You could also have your website shut down, and be banned by your Internet Service Provider.

You may also be pursued legally by the website owners, companies affected, or the Government (Spamming is a specific crime in several countries).

So, please don't do it!

There are people making millions of dollars through online affiliate schemes - using legal, ethical and (most of all) successful methods of promotions.

My book is based on over 25 years experience in helping people to attain their greatest desires in life, please there is no need to "over Hype" the results they can expect from following its lessons. All I ask is that you offer your clients professional guidance in obtaining the book no matter how you select to drive traffic to the sales page. Thank you for understanding this.

I am sure that as a professional afrfiliate you are well aware that the best response and highest conversions come from building relationships with your prospects and by respecting their intelligence.

Thanks so much in advance.


David Dutch
In The Footsteps of Giants


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Best Ways to Market

In The Footsteps of Giants - The Second Step"


There are a number of reasons why people choose not to buy a product that they have show an interest in - price is certainly a major factor but so is poor sales copy which they may percieve to be high pressure.

The main reason that peole do not purchase a product is FEAR

FEAR - that they may not get value for their money

FEAR - that they do not believe that the offer is "real"

FEAR - that they will fail.

This is especially the case when marketing to the "personal development" niche. They get bombarded with hype & outrageous promises all day long, especially from those who "Talk a great Talk" but fail to "Walk the Walk". So the only way most of them will even consider an offer is if it's been recommended by someone they trust.

As I said above the best strategy is to build a relationship with your visitors, and only after you have built a relationship, which can be achieved very quickly, would you suggest a product that will actually help them achieve their goals.

Not only is this the ethical thing to do - your profits will be phenomonal, because you'll be tearing down the biggest barrier to action - FEAR of FAILURE.

Here's some specific suggestions on how to do that...

Candid Reviews

People want to know the truth. They want sincere, honest & unbiased opinions of something from someone who's "been there, done that". And since there's on overall lack of that these days, they will literally cling to sincerity and honesty.

That's why one of the most powerful methods of selling is by actually obtaining a copy of the product, and then publishing a sincere, no-holds-barred review on your website, and/or in your e-zine. (No, I'm not just saying this to try and get "another sale" - review copies are available for affiliates who control substantial traffic assets.)

Be thorough, be specific about whether or not the product delivers, and describe the emotions you felt when you read the book itself.

You'll be surprised at how effective this really is...

Tell Them About The Unique Salesletter

My product is truly different in that not only does it severely overdeliver - the sales letter intoduces my family to them showing that we are real people, we have shared their feelings and experiences and can show them , not just tell them, how they too can achieve their dreams. In The Footsteps of Giants - The Second Step provides more information (valuable information) than most related ebooks - even ones with higher price tags!

And so a very effective strategy is to simply tell your visitors that they'll sincerely enjoy my in-depth, training technique that is clearly spelled out in detail right on the sales page.

It will be a refreshing break for them - and because they'll be reading it out of interest and not out of skepticism, you'll find that your sales results will be far more impressive than compared to the typical "hard-sell" approach.

Mention a Specific Tactic That They "Have to See"

Many webmasters and marketers alike have no idea (whatsoever) about the potential traffic available by creating and distributing freeware/shareware programs.

Here's an example of something you could have in your newsletter or on your blog that would be sure to attract alot of attention, intrigue (and clicks):

You Have No Doubt Heard of the Law of Attraction?

Hold Everything until you read this.....

I recently came across a technique that has been shown to work for thousands of individuals just like you who wanted to achieve success in their lives.

Possibly you have seen and perhaps been influenced by the film 'The Secret' that is supposed to be the answer regarding success and achievement. I know I certainly thought it was the answer, but I found that I felt that there was always something missing and my attempts to use it as a basis for goal achievement always meant I fell short of my ambitions.

That was before I met the work of David Dutch. As he says on his home page "I’m not young with boundless natural energy, but that doesn’t mean anything because by using the same strategies I’m about to reveal to you, in this best self-help book, age simply won’t matter!".

In the book you will discover how you can achieve anything that you ever really wanted in your life as David shows you the method taught to him by a multi millionaire that has lifted him from a job he hated to where he now chooses where he wants to go in the world and how he has quality time with his family.

He is an ordinary guy who understands your problems and is only too willing to help you achieve you life goals..

Check out his specific strategy for doing this - There are a stack of bonuses on offer also at

Other Conversion Tips

Here's a few conversion tips that have never failed to produce more sales for me per visitor. They'll likely work for you as well...

1. Position the offer front-and-center. Don't hide your light under a bushel. give your visitors an early opportunity to take advantage of your offer by placing your affiliate link at the top as well as the bottom of your articles. Seeing the offer above the fold is guaranteed to increase conversions

2. Place your link in the first paragraph of your newsletter mailings. I know you would like to think that your newsletters are read word for word from the beginning to the end but quite often your subscribers are busy people they do not have time to read your letter in one go; why not at the beginning say something like:-"If you're in a rush, check out how you can achieve your life goals TODAY not some time in the future. just take a look at"

3. Keep it Simple, Keep it Short. Do not try to re-write the sales page it works and gets stacks of conversions focus on getting your people to click through to the sales page from you AFFILIATE link and the sales will take care of themselves :-)


Resources & Tools

Sample Article | Sample Mailings

Sample article use as it is or modify to suit your own style and subscriber base.

Why Goal "Setting" Doesn't Work...

Almost every personal development book you read says that 'setting goals' is the key to success. If that is the case why is it that so many people believe they have set reralistic goals but fail to achieve them?

Some people who have seen 'The Secret' believe that all they have to do is to send out to the Cosmos their wishes for them to come true without any effort on their part. Sorry, but 'setting goals' and 'talking to the Cosmos' while being important is only part of what is required to be successful. For example if you set the 'GOAL' of being a millionaire by next Wednesday and send that goal out into the Cosmos - do you think it will really happen? Sorry the courier will never turn up.

Fortunately that does not mean that achievemnt of your life goals is a vastly complicated affair. In fact it is relatively easy ONCE YOU KNOW all the pieces of the jigsaw. The key is availanble to you today.

If you look at really successful people you will notice one thing about each of them that means that their goals are not just central yto their thinking they are an integral part of their evry day lives. You can choose to join them today.

The benefits of choosing this way of life is that people are more focused, at peace with themselves, more financially secure, have fulfilling relationships, are happier and - of course - achieve far more than most people could even dream about. If they want to become rich, they do so. If they want to have a great body, they know how to make it a reality.

It is true to say that sadly a very small minority of the population know how to live their lives this way. The majority simply let their lives pass by with very little achievement and they miss out on the great opportunities that abound and are available to everyone who knows!

For more information on the differences between the goal-centered lifestyle (and the alternative that most people live by), visit:


You can uncover the long lost secrets of a multi millionaire that will guarantee that you achieve your life time goals in the shortest possible time in full detail at

You can use the article above for the express and sole purpose of promoting "In The Footsteps of Giants - The Second Step". The article shall remain the sole property of DoubleDee Publications, and can be modified or re-written in any way, without prior written approval from David Dutch at but BEFORE you use it please advise David where and when you intend using the article as it is or modified to ensure that Duplicate copy can be avioded.

The layout of the article can be adjusted and adapted to suit your own unique promotion style. For example, you can insert affiliate links and/or affiliate "plugs" for the product throughout the article to increase conversion.

Sample Mailings You Can Use or Adapt to Send to Your Opt-In Email Subscribers

Mailing #1

Subject Line: Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life...

Hi <<firstname>>,

I'm so glad you subscribed to my newsletter. I'd like to share with
you some important information about Successful Goal Setting.

Look for my emails and I really welcome your response. Just hit reply and I'll be sure to read it. I get so much mail it may not be possible to answer every single email but I'm sure I'll get to your answer in another email if not by direct reply.

Another thing is, if you ever want to stop receiving my emails, just go to the link at the bottom of the page and I'll vanish into the night.

Ready? Here we go.

Successful Goal Setting is really rather easy ...if you know what you're doing.

For example, you know those expert highly successful people you see on TV or read about in the papers or online?

Well, you can be as good as any one of those guys when they are on the television making it all look so easy.

They've learned something you don't know...yet.

Read more about it here:

The techniques are very interesting and you might be surprised at how they work.

Here's what they're NOT about:

1. Failing to achieve life's goals
2. Not believing in oneself
3. Not accepting that success can be achieved

Here's what users of the technique they have learned how to do rather well:

1. A small step is the foundation of a large success
2. Small successes increase confidence
3. Successful goal setting is beneficial for the whole family

I'll show you how to do it too.

The reason these techniques are so effective is because they are based on one critical thing...years of study and practice with Successful Goal Setting.

Right now, your Goal Setting skills have developed from the training and the advice of those who simply want a better life that you have socialised with over the years.

In fact, almost all of those, you know, who simply want a better life rely on one thing in common that goal setting is only for CEO's of Fortune 500 companies or sales people.

I'll give you an example:

First, let's agree that most of those who simply want a better life believe that they cannot achieve one.


Have you ever wondered what their thinking was that gave them this belief that they cannot achieve one?

“Successful goal setting is difficult, or it simply does not work for them.”

And then maybe after a while, they actually were able to achieve a small thing in their life.

Suddenly, they are happy, but they believe that is it; it will never get better than this.

Well, here's what is going on in most of their minds that simply want a better try goal setting – “This is Mumbo Jumbo it won't work for me!.” Guess what – They are right it will not work for them.

They believe in luck and do not accept that they can change their life.

...And the cycle continues.

But, the good news is:

1. You don't have to be like them.
2. You can Successful Goal Set.

Make sure you visit today so that you can get started on learning the Successful Goal Setting secrets that guarantee successful Goal Setting in the fastest period of time.


Mailing #2

Subject Line: This Will Make Your Day

Hi <<firstname>>,

YOURNAME here from with more tips for getting better at Successful Goal Setting.

Yes, I'm talking about self improvement.

In my last letter, we talked about the most common characteristic those who simply want a better life share.

You may have shared the same issues.

Right now, your Successful Goal Setting skills are adapted from the common practice of most of those who simply want a better life that rely on luck in their lives. They do not understand self improvement...or to try to understand self improvement, believing that 'Lady Luck' is responsible for everything that happens to them.

In fact, almost all of your Successful Goal Setting "problems" can be traced back to one thing:


Here's why:

Those who say they simply want a better life are habitual creatures who believe chance and being in the right place at the right time as the basis of self improvement.

The majority of people just accept their lot as if they can do nothing about it. You canchose to pull away from the 'norm' by reading our Free Report at and reading these messages.

People in all walks of life dismiss good things that happen to them saying it is down to chance, they refuse to accept that they influence what comes into and out of their lives by their very actions and thoughts.

And this is why they will keep repeating themselves and remain as they are even when for a brief moment they actually successfully set and achieved a goal in their life.

Why do people react this way and dismiss goal setting out of hand, simply because they belong to 99% of the population who do not know what they really want.

Let's take look at how most people determine what they really want in life

They want to be happy!

They want more money!

They want a good life!

Do you notice a pattern here?

Each statement is a generalisation and is vague in content.

In my last letter, we talked about why most of those who simply want a better life without going into specifics fail to achieve what they want. Ask them what they want and they will inevitably reply “A better Life”.

They might have a feeling of being a fairly successful individual...but they do not have a feeling of being in control of their destiny, dismissing this with 'No one knows what is going to happen tomorrow.'
Perhaps a few of them have read a book about or heard about the Law of Attraction. They think all they have to do is to think about a thing and it will materialise!

This is the same as reading the headline in a newspaper and believing you know all the facts of the story without reading further. If it were that simple everyone would be millionaires.

These same people will dismiss goal setting out of hand without knowing why they do so, they will dismiss your decision to learn the secrets of successful goal setting as a waste of time and effort.

Why is this? Simply because Mr/Mrs Average want everything today without involving that word – WORK -. Rather than embarking on a course of self improvement study they sit back, criticise you for doing so and try to find the slightest thing to knock you down back to their level.

And guess what? You'll probably notice a pattern going on.

Every time they rely on luck the pattern begins:

1. a feeling of having to accept their role in life.
2. believing that they are those who have and those who have not and they just do not mix.
3. putting up with a job that they hate, at least they can have a good moan as it is always someone else to blame.

(This is how most average people accept their lot in life unless they can pick the right numbers on their lottery ticket)

They believe that luck plays a major role in what happens in life, that happiness is the result of luck and if you have no luck – tough just accept it.

But luck is not the answer. You probably realize this by now.

Fortunately, this is *really easy* to fix. It's all laid out for you in easy, step-by-step instructions in the book In The Footsteps of Giants - The Second Step (Hyperlink this with your affiliate code

Not only does it lay out the clear simplest and quickest way of achieving any goal fast with methods that work great every year, day in and day out, they're also rather easy for you to follow.

You can get the full scoop here:

Here's just a taste of what's revealed:

how to discover what you really want
how to practise visualisation
how to practise the law of attraction
How to make more money in any environment

This method works like magic!

* the most important word in your life and how to be more confident

And that's not all.

Get the full scoop at the special web page here:

Achieving Life's Goals Together,



Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know that this will work for me?

By following the simple advice given to him by a multi millionaire David Dutch has been able to achieve goals that were only distant fanciful dreams, over the last 25 years he has taught hundreds of individuals just like you these self same life changing techniques and has been witness to people who have attended his seminars achieve tjheir life time goals and live successful lives.

2. Will I have to attend seminars?

No David is a great story teller and has been able to put his seminar into his book 'In The Footsteps of Giants - The Second Step' in such a way that everyone can understand and gain from its pages. It is supported by a number of binus volumes that enrich the teaching in his book taking all self-doubt out of the equation. He is always available to answer your questions at info:inthefootstepsofgiants. However he is very busy and may take a little while to answer any questions you send pleas be patient.

3. How Can I Be Sure That I'll Get Paid On Time - Or At All?

I can relate to your skepticism - I've been ripped off by merchants in the past as well.

In fact, even though I'd never even think about "pulling a fast one" on my affiliates, even if I wanted to - I couldn't. ClickBank® manages my affiliate program, and they split the sale between me and you the moment the sale is processed.

You're never waiting on me to pay you. ClickBank® pays you every two weeks, like clockwork.


Important Notice

By promoting any of the products available in this affiliate program on In The Footsteps of Giants you expressly agree to only promote the product(s) in such a way that is legitimate, ethical and respectful to other internet users.

Any form of spamming is expressly prohibited and will be immediately reported to ClickBank®, as well as potentially resulting in legal action and being reported to appropriate authorities. There is a zero-tolerance approach taken with spammers.

Spamming includes, but is not limited to, including, but not limited to, unsolicited commercial email broadcasts, forum/newsgroup crossposting, blog-spamming, solicitation on classifieds sites, social network spamming and otherwise contacting anyone without their prior permission. Please visit to learn more about ethical marketing practices, guidelines and laws.

You also agree to convey and craft your promotions for In The Footsteps of Giants and David Dutchin a professional and factual manner.

Do not make false representations or exaggerations about any of the products offered by DouibleDee Publications

Violating any of these terms may also result in legal action, in addition to being reported to ClickBank® and appropriate governing agencies, such as the Federal Trade Commission.

Be sure to see ClickBank's specific rules and regulations regarding affiliate promotion here






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