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  • Living a more happy life - You'll discover how to relax and finally stop living a stressed life worrying all the time, and finally being happy without limitation
  • Being more confident - Discover how you can unleash hell on any challenge or problem, with your newly found unstoppable confidence and achieve more!
  • Instant Health & Fitness - How to feel great with more energy than a 12 year old on Christmas morning!
And much more…
This successful and internationally famed goal setting training speaker and author of self improvement books is looking for a small group to reveal the breakthrough secrets on how to write goals so you can achieve success at WARP! speed.
Close the door, take the phone off the hook and read every word of this page to see if you qualify.

Dear Friend,

What would you do if everything you knew about life and how to write goals was wrong?

That everything you were taught about success really didn’t cut it in the real world.

goal setting

Hi! My name is David Dutch and that’s me on the left hand side with my wife Brenda & youngest son Christopher.

I’ve been a self development coach for the last 25 years coaching people who felt that life somehow was passing them by until they discovered how to write goals that produced results.

I’ve helped people who look at successful business people, professionals, athletes or whosoever they aspire to become – and wondered why they couldn’t be like them!

But the best part of what I do; is touching the lives of individuals just like you and seeing them actually achieve goals and do things they never thought they would be able to do!

You are probably more honest and conscientious than most people; you are no saint but you know the importance of being trustworthy!

No doubt you have read a number of books and courses on personal development, goal setting, how to write goals etc, however the emphasis of everything I do shows how to achieve goals not just set goals as others do.

Here is a FREE report just for visiting my site, grab it now before it is taken down Just place your name and primary email address in the boxes - click download for immediate access:

24 hr goal setting

Stop! Just listen to this; before we begin I don’t want to mislead you.

There are a few things that you should know about me before you read on.

  • I’m not young with boundless natural energy, but that doesn’t mean anything because by using the same strategies I’m about to reveal to you, age simply won’t matter!
  • I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth in fact my parents had very little money, my father was a labourer in the shipyards on Tyneside, and I was a struggling salesperson for years before I made my breakthrough.
  • I didn’t go to a fancy university or get a prestigious degree… I was way more interested in kicking a football than reading books or adding figures together.
Goal Achievement

But despite that I live an amazing lifestyle. I make six figures every year doing what I love.

I get to travel the world with my loving wife in the most luxurious cruise ships (photo attached is the QM2 our luxury home for 6 days following the month we recently spent in the US visiting New York and Niagara Falls) and much more…

I guess what I am trying to get at is that if someone like me can live like this – there is no reason why you can’t with the correct goal setting training!

But right now I have a personal question for you before we begin

Ask Yourself THIS......

What Would You Do If
Failure Didn’t Exist?

Imagine if everyday you woke up and lived exactly the way that you wanted.

You didn’t have to slave away at a job you hate, but instead could spend your time living life on your terms.

You didn’t have to always be so worried and stressed out about your future because you knew that everything would work out, ok?

Imagine if in your career or business you had the Midas touch going from successful project to successful project – as your peers admired your success!

Imagine being able to live wherever you want on your own terms, without being accountable to anyone.

Imagine being surrounded by loyal smiling friends & being in a closer and more intimate relationship with someone you truly love.

Trust me; I wouldn’t have believed any of this was possible if it hadn’t worked for me and the thousands of people I’ve worked with over the last 25 years.

This Is Where You Will Discover The Few Secret Changes You Can
Make In Your Life to Unleash
YOUR Unlimited Possibility…

Do you ever sometimes say "My goals seem just out of reach? YOU CAN create a new powerful life with this secret goal setting training guide.

I’m talking about a way to think used by everyone from Champion Athletes to Billionaires like Donald Trump.

From Revolutionary Leaders like Martin Luther King and Gandhi to some of the most respected, powerful & wealthy CEO’s of fortune 500 companies.

Every single one of those people has one thing in common: They knew how writing goals and using their mindbrought success wherever they sought it.

For years I messed around with flimsy self improvement books until finally I decided to get serious with my goals and research the underground science of achievement. 

A Millionaire saw what I was doing and quickly he became my mentor and today the results in my life are testament to the success of his guidance and my research.

But the thing is I’m moving on, I can’t coach people anymore. As much as I love it, it takes up far too much of my time.

 I need to dedicate my time to more high leverage methods of getting my message out to more people – and helping them.

That’s why I’ve packaged my greatest concepts up into a best self help book and special guide entitled…

goal setting

"In The Footsteps of Giants -

The Second Step"

In it you’ll discover…

  • How you can make money in any economy… recession, depressions and even full blown famines won’t be anything other than words to you!

  • A key to success that most people will never truly understand (Page 7)

  • How to start to enjoy your job or work, even if you currently hate it using this one quick and easy secret! (Page 15)

  • An instant change you can make in your business to make it more profitable… efficient and get more customers – that virtually everyone forgets! (Page 15)

  • Why money isn’t always the biggest success – and how you can be poor yet happier than Bill Gates! (Page 16)

  • Why positive thinking doesn’t work exactly how you think! (Page 18)

  • How writing goals and using simple words quickly and easily make changes in your life! (Page 26)

  • Why failure is the key to success when you follow this philosophy… (Hint: This tip alone will save you from enormous amounts of stress!) (Page 30)

  • How to talk to people so they understand exactly what you’re saying and see your way of thinking instantly! (Page 34)

  • The secret of success from a long dead philosopher and how to achieve happiness from it! (Page 36)

  • Why being materialistic isn’t a BAD thing (page 38)

  • A simple habit almost every successful person on the planet does… and how you can incorporate it into your day in just a few minutes! (Page 39)

  • 3 Questions you must ask yourself before you can achieve goals and be truly happy! (Page 50)

  • How to use a bad childhood… lack of education or other disadvantage to unleash hell on your goals (Page 49)

  • How most people are living in the dreams of other people – and will never be happy (and how to change this) (Page 51)

  • How to have complete control over your emotions using this insider secret success strategy. (Page 61)

  • A $20 Million Dollar a year Entruprenuer spills the beans to clear your head of the stampede of thoughts, worries and fears and be able to think with clarity again (Page 68)

  • Why almost everything you know about goal setting is WRONG uncover the real truth (Page 78)

  • How to feel motivated to achieve all the time, and pick yourself up when you feel down! (Page 100)

And heaps more!

In fact that’s just a small summary of everything that’s packed into this guide.

I would literally have to go on for pages and pages before I could even begin to fully describe everything packed in. But I know you’re too busy for that.

So why don’t you

Just Look What These Success
Stories Are Saying….


TONY WILSON – Hartlepool UK

Excellently written and with very fine detail on how the Law of Attraction works. I really appreciated your description of the three minds, and the conflict that goes on between the Concious Mind and the Inner (Subconscious) Mind. In four years I have never seen such an informative description of our mind's tug-of-war"

Dan Burkes – Lancashire UK

Hi Dave

Thanks for letting me have an advance copy of your book

Wow! – pretty amazing stuff to say the least! There's a few things in there I've not heard about or read before which are pretty profound.

David Hamer – Kent UK

Hi Dave

As expected from you this is an engaging read, with very important messages and principles at its core that will help anyone who is serious about changing (for the better) their world.

To anyone considering Following in the footsteps of Giants David has done a great job in describing how he happened to come by the secret and the story line that describes this, holds your attention from start to finish. Get this book, apply its principles and see what you can achieve.

Neil Travers
Junior Soccer Coach


I love the analogies in the book such as electricity and the map of the town you are trying to reach......if anyone has any self doubt like I did your book is the answer.

Fiona Hall

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The Power of Concentration helps you to achieve anything you want in life by harnessing the Power of Concentration. It reveals the techniques of concentration through mental focus and visualization with vivid examples. 

"It is of the utmost value to learn how to concentrate. To make the greatest success of anything you must be able to concentrate your entire thought upon the idea you are working on. The person that is able to concentrate utilizes all constructive thoughts and shuts out all destructive ones. The greatest man would accomplish nothing if he lacked concentration".



Thought-provoking book explaining that the answers to all our trouble is right within us. It teaches the power within us which great teachers have been emphasizing throughout history and how we can tap it to our advantage. 

The book seeks to encourage individuals to bring their inward powers of mind and spirit into greater expression, achieve harmony with universal law, and develop strong character.

There you have a couple of motivational books that will certainly get you thinking on the right track in your quest for personal growth and achievement.

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But WAIT STOP! These next few sentences are critical to your success…………..

There are certain self improvement books that change the lives of those who embrace them. In my guide “In The Footsteps of Giants” I discuss four such works –


These motivational books have been the cornerstone of countless successful people down the ages; they have influenced ordinary people into becoming extra-ordinary individuals.

Because I WANT YOU to be successful here is what I am going to do

By agreeing to follow In “The Footsteps of Giants” and downloading your copy TODAY! you will discover “The Simplest & Quickest Way to Achieve Almost Any Goal fast!” so I want you to have these books also as my gift to you to smooth your pathway to success.


This work by William Walker Atkinson is mentioned in my book ‘In The Footsteps of Giants’ and was the reason that Jim was able to grasp the essential message we were all taught in our goal setting training---

"Then there was one called, 'Thought Vibration' by William Atkinson.

It was fascinating to read although written nearly 100 years ago still very relevant for today."


It is with some hesitation that we bring ourselves to re-publish this little book, entitled “The Secret of Success.”

Not that we are not in sympathy with the subject—not that we do not believe that there is a “Secret to Success”—but because there has been so much written on the subject of “Success” that is twaddle—masses of platitudinous wordiness—that we hesitate to take the position of a teacher of Success.

It is so easy to fill pages of paper with good advice— It is so much easier to say things than to do them— So much easier to formulate a code of precepts than to get out into the field of active endeavour and put into practice the same precepts.

 And, you may imagine why we hesitate to assume a role which would lay us open to the suspicion of being one of the “do as I tell you, and not as I do” teachers of the Art of Success.


I found one Law, the Law of Love; one Life, the Life of adjustment to that Law; one Truth, the truth of a conquered mind and a quiet and obedient heart.

And I dreamt of finding a book which should help men and women, whether rich or poor, learned or unlearned, worldly or unworldly, to find within themselves the source of all success, all happiness, all accomplishment, all truth.

And the dream remained with me, and at last became substantial; and now I send it forth into the world on its mission of healing and blessedness, knowing that it cannot fail to reach the homes and hearts of those who are waiting and ready to receive it.




This truly is a must read work for all who seek to achieve abundance; intuitive knowledge and a strong sense of well-being.

 Although written over 100 years ago, this classic work has inspired generation after generation selling over 12 million copies worldwide.

It is believed that without Trine putting his thoughts together in this way we would not have gone on to be inspired by such motivational books as 'Think and Grow Rich', and 'The Power of Positive Thinking.'

Personal Development



How to make money in ANY economy

The instant change that will double your profits

Why failure is the key to success

The secret of success known to only a few

3 questions you must ask yourself

How to feel motivated and achieve 24/7


And Receive The Original Best Self Help Book

"In The Footsteps of Giants"

The First Step

(Second Edition 2009)

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A meal out at a very moderately (or even cheap) restaurant?

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Invest this instead to change your life forever.

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The Power of Concentration
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The Path of Prosperity
In Tune With The Infinite
PLUS In The Footsteps of Giants volume 1 second edition

But, like I said before my main goal before anything is to provide as much back to the world as I can.

I know that whatever I give to people, I believe through the law of reciprocity what I give I’ll get back at least four fold. Call it what you will, I believe Karma is real.

 I’m here to act as your friend, and reveal to you the exact strategies that took me from a struggling loser to big time success!

WARNING: But the thing is my costs are rising.

This recession has meant that all companies have had to look at their costs and return on investment, for instance as my bandwidth increases my web hosting costs are on the increase.

That means I’m going to have to increase my prices pretty soon just so I can continue to break even on this guide & continue to get my message out to the people who really need and want it.

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That’s why I want you to

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guaranteed success

If there’s one thing that I know for sure in this world it’s that this is the best life changing guide on how to write goals in existence.

No matter how many goals and objectives you have missed before; no way you’ll ever be an underachiever again!

This is without question the best how to write goals guide in the world… and I’ll bet my own money on it.

I also believe that the tactics included inside the guide will get you results you thought were way beyond your capabilities you will start to achieve goals at WARP! speed.

So download the guide, review it for 56 days and if you decide this wasn’t the most amazing purchasing decision you ever made then I’ll refund your money instantly –no questions asked!

I’ll even let you keep the guide!
That means there is absolutely no risk to you and everything to gain!
This is exactly why you need to…

Stop Playing Russian Roulette with your Success!

Most people live their entire lives somehow hoping to achieve success – which somehow they’ll manage to make the money, somehow they’ll manage to have fulfilling relationships and somehow they’ll manage to be happy.

While meanwhile they sit at home on their butts eating nachos and watching TV, wondering why they do not achieve goals.

But I know you’re not that kind of person, after all you’ve read this far into the letter and I know that you’re deadly serious.

That’s good. But…

This is Where the Rubber Hits the Road…

Listen, this is the part that separates the people who are dead serious about how to write goals that guarantees success from the pretenders.

I’ve already shown you how you have no risk as you can review the entire course for 56 full days, test out the tactics and if you’re not blown away with what you discover I’ll personally refund every cent of your money, with a smile.

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But most of all I’ve shown you the enormous amount of life changing secrets that are revealed to you in this special guide.

People all across the internet are calling it the simplest & quickest way to achieve goals and the success stories keep pouring in.

But this is a two way ball park and now it’s your turn. I can only do so much; all that is missing is your action .

As author Thomas Henry Huxley wisely said, "The great end of life is not knowledge but action."

So here’s what I want you to do:

Click the big blue link below and fill in your personal details. You can pay via Credit card or Paypal. Once your payment has been approved (happens straight away)… you’ll get instant access to the guide and all the bonuses to download.

The best thing is within a 90 seconds of now you could be discovering the insider secrets of success revealed in this amazing guide… Do it now!

YES! David I want a copy of this Life Changing Success Guide !

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Achieving Life's Goals Together

David Dutch

P.S. Don't forget, this is what you get when you download In The Footsteps of Giants TODAY! There are works in excess of $317 value in bonuses included.  These will be removed shortly… and will never return. Don’t miss out!

The Power of Concentration
Within You Is The Power
Thought Vibration
Secret of Success
The Path of Prosperity
In Tune With The Infinite
PLUS In The Footsteps of Giants volume 1 second edition

P.S.S Einstein once said " the first sign of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results".


For less than the price of an evening out you could change your life forever!

If you don't take action today, then tomorrow is going to be EXACTLY the same as today... Don't live life like that... Take action NOW by downloading 'In The Footsteps of Giants'HERE!

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